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04-Sep-2017 12:53

Align is an app that connects users with the same astrological signs, ensuring that Aries don't get matched with Capricorns and Geminis don't go near Virgos.If the bar scene isn't working for you, have you considered that Mercury might just be in retrograde?Founded in 2008, Grindr has quickly developed into one of the pillars of the Hollywood tech scene.The app, which allows gay, bi or curious men to chat and arrange to "hang out," is also known for its community-focused initiatives around the world.As you swipe through your newsfeed while you wait at the microwave for your third burrito of a 16-hour sprint, you might be thankful you don't have to spend on a bouquet of roses tomorrow. These seven LA-based dating startups are helping the lonely find the right person and stop using your job as an excuse. We might tell ourselves that, but if you're looking for some companionship (outside of your colleagues and the regulars at the neighborhood bar), technology has an answer.Based in West Hollywood, the company is still very involved in growing the LA tech community.Is it a coincidence that two of the best-known dating apps are both headquartered in West Hollywood?

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The most vital thing for a new company trying to build is the initial social base," she said.Rudman hopes the verification process will discourage those who tend to lie about other things, such as marital status, from applying for membership, which costs per month or 0 for three months."Everybody's biggest complaint with online dating is that people lie about so many different things," she said."I think people that are apt to lie or be dishonest are going to stay away.At least when they see a profile, people can be sure this is who they are." And Hyde Park resident James Parker is gearing up for his first Valentine's Day operating Best Date, providing memberships that allow couples to select unlimited date packages, including dinner cruises, cocktail-making classes and salsa dancing.

The site, which launched in October, charges a monthly fee for unlimited date packages."My wife and I go out on dates all the time, and a friend of mine asked, 'Where do you come up with these ideas?

West Hollywood is home to one of the most vibrant, supportive gay communities in the world, and that's why there's no surprise it's where One Good Crush calls home.